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Electric Acupuncture Pen

Electric Acupuncture Pen

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Introducing our Electric Acupuncture Pen – the needle-less solution for pain relief and holistic wellness!


Painless Therapy: Say farewell to needles and hello to electric pulses. Our Electric Acupuncture Pen stimulates meridians and acupuncture points precisely, offering a painless and non-invasive alternative for healing and relief.


Drug-Free Comfort: Bid adieu to medicated pain relievers. This pen provides a natural treatment for various pains – chronic or acute, from arthritis to sports injuries. Experience drug-free comfort for aches and discomfort.


User-Friendly Design: Powered by a single AA battery (not included), this pen is incredibly easy to use. The digital display allows you to adjust the pulse strength from 0 (gentle) to 9 (powerful), putting pain relief at your fingertips.


Dual Therapy Heads: Unleash the power of two! The Dome Head for superficial therapy and facial rejuvenation, and the Spheroidal Head for targeted pain relief. It's like having your personal pain-relieving toolkit.


Portable Relief: Lightweight and compact, this pen is your go-to pain relief companion. Slip it into your bag or pocket and take relief wherever you go – whether it's a business trip or a day at the office.


Why let pain dictate your day? Embrace the Electric Acupuncture Pen – because relief should be painless, portable, and in your hands!

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